FRise And Shine!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my world. This here is a safe space for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you wish to bulk up or lose weight, have maternity goals, or need help with managing health conditions such as Diabetes or PCOS, or simply gain more factual information on diet to manage a healthy lifestyle, you will get No-nonsense, fact-based nutrition related information here.

A bit about me, I’m a practicing nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition from Boston University. I’m also a certified Diabetes educator & have worked with an Endocrinologist for a couple of years here in Mumbai prior to starting my own practice

I am also a trained Ketogenic Therapy trainer since 2019. I took up this training under the mentorship of a leading neurologist. Neurologist because ketogenic therapy was originally designed to treat kids with epilepsy & that was the space I was actively looking to work in back then.

My philosophy to diet & nutrition is that no food is inherently good or bad & that there is a place for all foods even in a balanced diet. Also, food is more than just about nutrition & suppressing a desire to have certain foods is not a good idea. Instead, one should work towards understanding these desires & taking appropriate measures to keep oneself content as well as healthy.

My endeavour on the digital platform is to empower people with the information to be able to make logical choices that facilitate a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Obviously, as a Nutritionist, I believe I can help anyone who is facing challenges addressing these aspects due to specific needs which may not be practical to cover in a generic way.

I do have a special soft spot on the topic of Women’s health & I am especially eager to help women with hormonal issues such as PCOS or women with maternity goals. So do reach out to me on if you need guidance on those fronts.

Amrita Kotak