The Truth About Late Night Snacking

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In today’s video, I speak about LATE NIGHT SNACKING. I have heard so many people say that eating late at night is not good for health. In fact, that is far from the truth, it can also be beneficial under certain circumstances. If that made you curious then watch till the end!

In my previous video, I talk about microwaves, microwave ovens, and microwaved food. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding this rather controversial topic and I attempt to clear some of them for you today. I hope you get a better understanding of this excellent cooking technology. So, watch until the end :

I have also made a video where I speak about 10 common mistakes one might do while trying to lose weight. I hope it will add to your understanding of the complex process of weight loss. Watch until the end :

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Have you been losing a lot of hair during the lockdown? Well, I have worked with renowned Dermatologist-Trichologist Dr. Rucha Kagne to explain why some of us are losing more hair than usual during this cover-19 lockdown. I explain the reasons behind it and how we can deal with it through healthy practices and through nutrition. So, watch until the end :

The dreaded MAIDA! The food that everyone loves to hate. I explore if Maida is really harmful to you? And how you can add Maida into your diet without compromising your health. So watch till the end :

The issue of alcohol consumption during the quarantine. Ideally, I would not suggest consuming alcohol but if you do then it is better to drink smartly. Here I explain, what alcohol does to our body, consumption level recommendations, and tips to drink safely. Here is the link :

Canned and Frozen Food and the reasons it should be a good addition to your diet in this time of crisis. I start with the canning process, what canning does and I end with a quick discussion on Frozen food. Finally, I answer if it is good to eat canned food? Here is the link :

How to HANDLE FOOD SAFELY and what precautions one must take during Covid-19 Pandemic in terms of food handling. I answer pressing questions like Should you wash vegetables? How to maintain good hygiene while handling food? Check it here :

How and why does the food affect your mood? We start by exploring what is Emotional Eating, why do we do it, and is it ok to emotionally eat? You can find that video here :

In case you are finding me for the first time, I have done a video series that explains the Ketogenic Diet. There are three videos in there. Here are the links.

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Next Thursday I will release another video related to maintaining good health during the lockdown. So stay tuned!

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