10 balanced meals for Pajushan

How do you balance meals when you can’t eat veggies! Watch this video to find out!

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Today’s Topic
0:56 The claim
1:01 Top 10 meal ideas
1:10 Paneer Poha
1:24 Moong and khakhra
1:38 Khandvi and milk
1:54 Ragda Pattice
2:09 Dahi Vada
2:20 Chole and Paratha
2:35 Idli Dosa and Sambar
2:44 Rajma Paratha
2:59 Lentil Pasta
3:15 Hummus and Falafel
3:37 Conclusion


More about this video:

In today’s video, I have focused on diet options for the duration of pajushan (or paryushan, as some call it). Now, given that pajushan lasts for 1 week, it shouldn’t cause a lot of long term effect. But for those of you who need to take special care, I have created this video to deal the lack of green veggies & root vegetables.


More about this video series:

This video is part of my “All about diets” video series where I address common concerns food about diets. A balanced diet ensures that our body gets all the nourishment it needs and some diets may cause deficiency or trigger bad food habits if proper care isn’t taken. Now the diet could have been started for health or religious or spiritual reasons, but it is important to make sure that your body’s needs are met in some way.

If you do have some pre-existing condition that restricts consumption of specific types of food, you may still be able to enjoy them under controlled conditions – do reach out to a certified nutritionist such as myself for more details. 🙂

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