3 Healthy ways to eat fried food

Vada pavs and bhajiyas this monsoon? You can eat them and still be healthy! Find out how in this new video

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0:21 Today’s Topic
1:12 Fry food at home
1:26 Fried food and vacation
1:58 Don’t reuse oil
2:44 Enjoy your food
3:04 Conclusion


More about this video:

This video is part of my Food & Diet Myths video series where I address common myths about specific food items or diets. Many a times, commonly heard and forwarded advices are not fact based and are often applicable to only a specific minority of the population.

If you do have some pre-existing condition that restricts consumption of specific types of food, you may still be able to enjoy them under controlled conditions – do reach out to a certified nutritionist such as myself for more details. 🙂

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