5 Ways to Reduce Fasting Blood Sugar

Struggling with reducing your Fasting Blood Sugar even though all other levels are normal? Go through the checklist in this video to figure what you can modify to fix your sugar!

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Today’s topic
1:15 What’s normal & what’s not?
1:56 Why is it important?
2:24 Top 5 tips
2:56 Avoid very Fatty Meals
4:18 Eat Complex Carbs
4:53 Walk after meals
5:46 Fix your diabetes medications
7:08 Consider bedtime snacks
7:42 Conclusion

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This video is part of my Diabetes Video Series where as a Certified Diabetes Educator, I provide tips & tricks to manage Diabetes. In addition I address common misconceptions about dietary and lifestyle changes necessary for a diabetic.

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