Does drinking beer help with kidney stones?

How does beer help pass kidney stones? Does it even really help? Find out in the new video!

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Today’s Topic
0:56 The claim
1:12 Reasons to avoid Beer
1:20 Insignificant Diuretic effect
1:52 Beer causes dehydration
2:13 Calcium Oxalates in beer
2:34 Beer causes weight gain
2:51 Purines in beer
3:08 Conclusion

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More about this video series:

This video is part of my Food & Diet Myths video series where I address common myths about specific food items or diets. Many a times, commonly heard and forwarded advices are not fact based and are often applicable to only a specific minority of the population.

In case of food videos, I highlight the myths as well as address the reasons why they would have spread and who should actually avoid or eat the particular food with caution

If you do have some pre-existing condition that restricts consumption of specific types of food, you may still be able to enjoy them under controlled conditions – do reach out to a certified nutritionist such as myself for more details. 🙂

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