How to treat Dandruff? ft. Dermatologist Dr. Shimoni Kadakia

Have you had trouble with Dandruff? Maybe more between change of seasons? Does monsoon have a role in it? Watch my interview with Dr Shimoni Kadakia, MD DDV (gold medalist) to understand what Dandruff is, what causes it and how you can treat and prevent it!

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Dr. Shimoni Kadakia
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0:00 Intro
0:33 Today’s topic
2:25 What is Dandruff? What are the types?
4:40 More common in Men?
5:18 Impact of PCOS
6:10 Seasonal impact
8:25 Dandruff and hair fall
9:10 Self care
14:25 Diet and hair health
18:00 Note of caution
19:40 Closing remarks

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