Is cheese bad for you? | Does it make you fat?

Cheese is YUMMY, but a lot of us have the impression that it is not great for our health and weight. I am here you tell you that this is not true. Cheese can actually be quite good for our health and can also serve and help any weight goal you may have. Watch the video to understand how!

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Today’s topic
1:35 Nutritional Analysis
2:12 Calories
2:57 Proteins
3:32 Fat
4:47 Cholesterol
5:38 The verdict
6:20 Conclusion


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This video is part of my Nutritional reviews video series where I analyse the food / diet by highlighting key nutrients present (or absent). When applicable, I also highlight any known effects for people with conditions like diabetes or heart issues and what one can do to have the particular food item in a safe way.

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