Nutrition review: Whole truth energy bar

Are energy bars all sugar or can some of them be balanced options? Check this review of the whole truth bar to see which it is!

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Today’s Topic
1:10 Nutrition review
1:45 When to have it?
2:19 Is it a meal replacement?
2:34 Conclusion

More about the video:

This video is part of my Nutritional reviews video series where I analyse the food / diet by highlighting key nutrients present (or absent). When applicable, I also highlight any known effects for people with conditions like diabetes or heart issues and what one can do to have the particular food item in a safe way.

In this video I have reviewed The Whole Truth’s Almond Choco Fudge energy bar. The video would help you understand the ingredients & the nutrient value it provides and would also help you decide when to (or not to) eat this bar.

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