This is the BEST CARB for FAT LOSS

Carbs can actually HELP you lose excess FAT! Find out exactly how in this video

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Today’s Topic
0:50 About Fat loss
1:36 Caloric deficit – the math
2:05 Aren’t carbs bad?
3:09 The Best Carb
3:31 Fiber & Fat loss
4:51 Conclusion


More about this video series:

This video is part of my Fat management video series where I address misconceptions & misinformation about various weight management diets & techniques.

Fat loss is an important topic as uncontrolled fat gain can result in other health complications.Also, body image issues & enjoying your food are topics that should not be ignored. In my videos I try to provide information that will allow you to still enjoy the food that you like as long as you take some key precautions.

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