What is SEED CYCLING? PCOS awareness.

Today, I present to you A SHINE ON : Seed Cycling. #Stayhome #PCOSMonth

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Hi, this is Amrita Kotak and welcome to my channel FRise And Shine. Here you will find evidence based no-nonsense nutrition related information.

In today’s video (EPISODE 7), I ‘Shine’ a light on SEED Cycling, an effective dietary lifestyle change to reduce period related discomforts.

In my previous video, I explain what is PCOS and what are some of the ways to diagnose it along with tips to manage it. So do watch!
LINK :https://youtu.be/ljffXsAZdL0

Also, I am thankful to everyone who has shared my ‘How to eat a Treat’ video. Please keep sharing 🙂 https://youtu.be/gVPtrbqgq_8


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Next Thursday I will release another video related to maintaining good health during the lockdown. So stay tuned!

Also, if you have queries, you can reach out to me at frisenshine@gmail.com

And, please follow good hygiene and follow social distancing.

FRise And Shine.

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