Health Benefits of Bananas | Weight Loss and Diabetes

Do bananas make you gain weight? Are they healthy? Can you eat bananas everyday and still lose weight and be healthy? When do you need to avoid bananas? Learn all this and more in my new video!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Today’s Topic
1:07 Vitamin C
1:32 Vitamin B6
2:32 Potassium
2:56 Fiber
3:39 Weight Management
4:29 Banana and Diabetes
5:25 Conclusion


More about this video:

This video is part of my Nutritional reviews video series where I analyse the food / diet by highlighting key nutrients present (or absent). When applicable, I also highlight any known effects for people with conditions like diabetes or heart issues and what one can do to have the particular food item in a safe way.

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